Green Initiatives


Respect Mother Earth

Mother Nature has done her part and we are committed to doing ours. In an effort to protect our magnificent surroundings, Taos Ski Valley actively supports many Green Initiatives



In a partnership with Renewable Choice Electricity, Taos Ski Valley will purchase approximately 10,200,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits, helping to save up to 11,412,372 pounds of Carbon Dioxide over the next 2 years. To read more on the efforts of Taos Ski Valley to reduce carbon emissions, click here.


The biggest contributor of carbon emissions associated with the ski industry is your trip to/from the mountain. One way to offset carbon in the atmosphere is to carpool, ride share, or take the local Chile Line shuttle. Additionally, for guests and visitors to Taos Ski Valley who want to live their own green lifestyles, Taos Ski Valley is continuing the SkiGreen program for the fifth season. The program offers guests the opportunity to offset 150 miles of the carbon from their travel. Guests can add the SkiGreen tag to a lift ticket for just $2 or to a season pass for $20. This purchase generates 100kWh of clean, wind energy which serves to offset 150 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more, visit

Over the course of the program's existence, all of the resorts and individual skiers who have participated in the program have worked together to create 7,000 megawatt hours of clean, wind energy!  To put that into perspective:

  • 9.8 million pounds of polluting, CO2 were kept out of the atmosphere because Ski Green resorts came together to support 7,000 megawatt hours of non-polluting wind energy
  • 7,608 homes were powered for an entire month on clean, renewable, wind energy generated from the Ski Green resorts & skiers
  • To put that another way, keeping 9.8 million pounds of polluting, CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere is like keeping over 900 cars off the road for an entire year!

The program is working!  The $2 and $20 contributions are making a real difference.  Thanks for your continued support!


Taos Ski Valley is proud to support the first ever statewide ecotourism initiative. The mission for the Ecotourism Program is to help create and develop transformative journeys that will change the way travelers and residents alike experience New Mexico’s vibrant natural landscapes, cultural heritage and bio-diversity. This new division within the New Mexico Tourism Department will brand and market the state as the leading eco-destination; thereby setting New Mexico apart from others, as a leader and visionary for eco-conscious travel in the USA.  For more infomation on the Ecotourism Program in and around Taos, please click here.

Additionally, The Green Living Project recently premiered their video, highlighting the Ecotourism Project in New Mexico, and specifically around the Taos area.
Ecotourism in New Mexico (Santa Fe Premiere Version) from Green Living Project on Vimeo.